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Official Distributors will provide you with professional CVT parts and detailed information you need.

If there’s no dealer available in your area or not convenient for you, please tell us or check it out in our online shop.

In order to make Dr.Pulley® parts more and more accessible for you, we will continue adding more professionals in     our Official Distributors Network and update the information frequently.

Gearless Scooter CVT Transmission Parts

About Us

A brand represents quality and innovation

Union Material Co., Ltd. an OEM, ODM manufacturer , located in Taiwan, are professionally specialized in self-lubricated composite materials formulating; designing and manufacturing of self-lubricated polymer composite elements that requires low friction coefficient, high wear resistance and maintenance free , such as wear resistant parts in Automobile, Motorcycle, Bicycle and Bushing in business machine, textile machine, athletic equipment of industrial mechanism.

Dr.Pulley‘s main CVT parts including

⓵ Round Roller Weight

benefits with

  • Low friction coefficient
  • High service temperature
  • High wear resistance
  • Not abrasive

⓶ Sliding roller weight

patented US 7 276 004

  • Low friction coefficient
  • High service temperature
  • High wear resistance
  • Not abrasive
  • Broaden CVT shift range
  • Stable CVT ratio(less fade)

Dr.Pulley® SR widens your shifting spectrum higher and lower due to their special form.
You can improve acceleration values and achieve higher top speeds, all with one single set of specially formed rolls.

Which means you can save having to purchase two different sets of round rolls to perform each job separately. These two in one rolls are incredibly popular in USA’s scooter scene as well as Asian scooter scenes in China, Taiwan and Japan.

CVT Components
for India Gearless Scooters

Activa N/M,O/M/HET





Scooter modelsSliding RollerWeight Recommended(g)
Activa old 100ccSR181410.5
Activa New 110ccSR181417
Activa HET 110ccSR201516.5
Activa 125FiSR201519.3
Activa 125ccSR201517
Yamaha fascino 125ccSR201213.5
Yamaha fascino 150ccSR201213.5
Yamaha ray 110ccSR151210
Yamaha fascino 110ccSR151210
Jupiter 125ccSR20128.5
Jupiter 150ccSR20129.5
TVS Scooty pep 110ccSR18512310.5
TVS Entorq 125ccSR18512317.5
Suzuki access old 125ccSR201519.5
Suzuki access sap new125ccSR201523.5
Mahendra duro 125ccSR181414.5
Aprilia SR125 125ccSR201513.5
Aprilia SR150SR211517
Hero Pleasure+ 110SR2015
Hero Maestro 125 Duet 125SR201511
Hero Maestro Edge 125 BS6SR201519
Yamaha Aerox150SR201212

⓷ Slide piece

benefits with

  • Low friction coefficient
  • High service temperature
  • High wear resistance
  • Not abrasive

Scooter modelsSlide Piece
Vespa VXL 125ccSP-N
Suzuki Access 125cc New,
Aprilia SR150
Vespa Primavera 125ccSP-L
Honda Actvia 125ccSP-AG
Yamaha Ray/Fascino 110ccSP-E

⓸ HiT clutch

patented in USA, Euope

  • Amazing thrust force for solid engagement
  • Excellent over-taking & hillclimbing capability
  • Stop losing power at take-off & re-accerleration
  • No more blued bell
  • Longer durability of clutch assembly

The innovative HiT clutch, from Dr.Pulley ®  , uses motor torque – not just centrifugal force alone – a combination that puts this product in the upper end of power performance clutch systems.

Made of two interlocked movable parts, it’s originality is due to using a cleverly devised sliding/wedge system to create additional pressure that combines both torque and centrifugal energy

As opposed to the average clutch system which relies on centrifugal force alone. The stronger the motor (higher resistance for your motor to work with), means more pressure for the sliding/push-pin to exert on the surface of the clutch shoes, which means saving performance energy that would otherwise be lost.

Other clutches start to slip when they reach certain rpm’s or speeds. Not with the HiT clutch! Daily drivers get a new edge when going uphill or overtaking. Sport pilots appreciate increased power performance in higher rpm’s.

The HiT clutch, including two spring system

The first regulates acceleration rpm status, activating the clutch, which everyone knows. With HiT, the second spring system regulates aggressive power through the push-pin.

Self-lubricated/Oilless parts

Dr.Pulley‘s proprietary self-lubricated material providing bearing grade parts with excellent features of

  • Low noise
  • Low wear
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Self-lubricated
  • Free maintenance
  • High temperature resistance

Main application of Self-lubricated parts, including

Bushes in cycles

  • Bushes for pedal
  • Seat post
  • Front fork
  • Suspension frame

Parts for gearless CVT vehicles

  • Weight roller
  • Bushes in brake system
  • Guide roller for scooter
  • ATV
  • Piston ring in shock absorber

Bushes for industrial machines

  • Bushes in pump
  • Door closer
  • Business machines
  • Piston ring in staple gun
  • Athletic equipment
  • Textile machines


If you’re looking for CFMOTO parts, there are some options available to you.







Make Model Cc. Year
Cfmoto CF1000ATR 1000 2018→2021
Cfmoto CF1000AU 1000 2018→2021
Cfmoto CF1000US-2 1000 2020
Cfmoto CF1000US-2 1000 2017→2021
Cfmoto CF1000US-A 1000 2020
Cfmoto CF1000UTR-2 1000 2018→2020
Cfmoto CF1000UTR-2 1000 2021
Cfmoto CF1000UTR-3 1000 2018→2021
Cfmoto CF1000UTR-B 1000 2020→2021
Cfmoto CF1000UU 1000 2021
Cfmoto CF400ATR-2L 400 2016→2021
Cfmoto CF400ATR-2S 400 2016→2021
Cfmoto CF400AU 400 2015→2020
Cfmoto CF400AU-A 400 2016→2021
Cfmoto CF400AU-B 400 2016→2020
Cfmoto CF400AU-L 400 2016→2020
Cfmoto CF500ATR-2L 500 2016→2020
Cfmoto CF500ATR-2S 500 2016→2020
Cfmoto CF500ATR-3 500 2016→2019
Cfmoto CF500ATR-A 500 2015→2016
Cfmoto CF500AU-6B 500 2016→2019
Cfmoto CF500AU-6L 500 2014→2019
Cfmoto CF500AU-7A 500 2016→2021
Cfmoto CF500AU-7C 500 2016→2021
Cfmoto CF500AU-7L 500 2016→2017
Cfmoto CF500AU-7S 500 2016→2017
Cfmoto CF500US 500 2015→2020
Cfmoto CF500US-EX 500 2016→2020
Cfmoto CF500UTR 500 2018→2020
Cfmoto CF500UTR 500 2017→2021
Cfmoto CF500UTR-2 500 2017→2020
Cfmoto CF500UU 500 2015→2017
Cfmoto CF600ATR-2L 600 2020→2021
Cfmoto CF600ATR-2S 600 2020→2021
Cfmoto CF600ATR-L(T3b) 600 2018→2020
Cfmoto CF600AU-3L 600 2020
Cfmoto CF800AU-2A 800 2017→2018
Cfmoto Goes 450 450
Make Model Cc. Year
Nylon blcok, slider, protector


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