HiT Clutch Set


HiT Clutch Set

  When you are about to take off at the traffic light or ready to overtake on the highway, all you want is explosive speed. The throttle response is referred to the responsiveness at the moment right before the vehicle accelerates.
  Holding the throttle, you want fast and instant reaction from your hand. Dr.Pulley HiT Clutch can give you what you want.

  In some occasion, you need your vehicle to go everywhere and to go over any type of terrian, for you.
  You may also need your vehicle to carry heavy weight for you. That’s the moment you need our HiT Clutch.

  The perfect companion of HiT Clutch and Bell create the strong thrust force, eliminate unnecessary power loss, and provide instant throttle response, for your vehicle to perform its best for you.

Dr.Pulley HiT Clutch Set takes your driving to the next level.

Contents in the Clutch Set

  Dr.Pulley Clutch Set contains HiT Clutch and Clutch Bell.


  The product name HiT211701-134P shows the combination of Clutch HiT211701 and Clutch Bell 134P.


  Important: The applicable scooter model list you see in HiT Clutch category will NOT be the same as the list you see in HiT Clutch Set category.

One type of HiT Clutch can work with different Clutch Bells. Though one HiT Clutch can be used in a certain vehicle model, when it combines with a Clutch Bell, the combination does not necessarily work in that vehicle.


  HiT211701 can be used in PEUGEOT Geopolis 125, but Bell 134P cannot. So, even PEUGEOT Geopolis 125 is on the applicable list of HiT211701, this vehicle does not show in the list of Clutch Set HiT211701-134P.

  On the other hand, Bell 134P may work in some vehicle where HiT211701 cannot fit. Thus, please refer to the applicable list of Clutch Set if you prefer buying the Clutch Set.

  Basically, HiT161301 and HiT161305 are interchangeable, so the applicable vehicle models are the same for these two clutches. The main difference between them is the number of clutch shoes, where there are 3 shoes in HiT161301 and 2 in HiT161305.

  Again, please note that when combining HiT Clutch (either HiT161301 or HiT161305) with Clutch Bell 107M or Bell 107P, the applicable models will be different.

Product Specifications.

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  The following shows all current product specifications of HiT Clutch Set listed on the E-shop. There are 14 kinds of combinations for you to choose for your scooter, ATV, or UTV. More products will be updated here.

  If, in any case, that you cannot find the specification of HiT Clutch Set you are looking for, they may be just on the way to the website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will figure it out for you.