Variator Boss


Variator Boss

Ordinary, yet Extraordinary.

  Variator Boss looks like merely a simple metal tube, but it is a non-negligent parts for transmission system.

  Guess it is not possible to think of any parts that looks simpler than a boss. As one of the core parts in transmission, a variator boss is the most straightforward parts to function. Depending on its glossy, sleek, and tough surface, a variator boss seriously determine whether the variator set can move smoothly.

  For those who care much about long product lifetime, rust-resistance, and free-of-deformation, Dr.Pulley variator boss provides you a total solution.


Sleek Surface

  One core concept when designing a variator boss is low coefficient of friction.

  It is very crucial to lower the friction force generated between the variator boss and the bushing (located in the center of the variator), so that the variator can move smoothly. Thus, most of the surface of a variator boss is glossy and sleek.

Strong StrengthStrong Strength-icon

  Along with the speed change of a CVT vehicle, the variator performs a reciprocating motion on the variator boss.

  However, since this motion is not parallel and the variator is also rotating at the same time, the force applied on the variator boss is uneven.

  Because of this, the surface of the boss must be strong enough to overcome this uneven pressure so as to prevent from being caused any pit or pothole (in the microscopic view) which can lead obstacles to gear ratio change. Rare but possible, variator boss with serious bumpy surface can cause the variator stuck.

Superior Wear-resistance

Superior Wear-resistance-ICON

  Wear-resistance is highly related to smoothness and toughness. You may find a variator boss changed from a sleek-surfaced tube to a bumpy-surfaced one if you are using a poor wear-resistant boss.

  A worn-out boss can affect the smooth movement required for this CVT system, and the dirt/particle from wear can also accumulate to form obstacles on the pathway variator moves, which will cost you much time taking it out for cleaning and maintenance. Thus, to prevent these hassles, it is smart and important to choose a variator boss with superior wear-resistance.