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Clutch Bell

Clutch Bell


Our hallow design of the clutch bell performs a better heat dissipation.

Therefore you won’t see a blued bell, nor feel any blue.

  The rest structure is sure to maintain a solid counterpart for the powerful clutch shoes, continuing to bear the friction force perfectly, and make sure the vehicle runs smoothly.

For clutch bell, a solid one is much better than a fancy one.
You know what I mean.


FCD、Carbon steel。

Design Purpose

Main Body (Petal Hollow)

  Main Body, as stated in its name, is the main part that works with the clutch and transfer the power to the wheel. A hollow design on Main Body is considered a must for clutch bell, which contributes to multiple functions, including increasing air circulation, lightening weight, and accelerating heat dissipation.

  It also improves the dust discharge, which helps dispose the scraps incurred during the friction between Clutch and clutch bell, and therefore sustains a smooth transmission. Last but not least, different hollow designs make the clutch bell unique in appearance. 

Silencer Ring (Sound Suppressor)

  Silencer Ring can effectively reduce the sound produced when the clutch rotates and the clutch weights apply friction on the clutch bell. Also, it increases the strengths of the clutch bell, preventing the bell from being distorted by the strong centrifugal force from the clutch weights. [The higher the operation temperature is, the easier the clutch bell is being distorted.] This design is wildly used on clutch bells in current market.

Groove Chilling Band

  Groove Chilling Band is used to help heat dissipation of the clutch bell. With better heat dissipation, the temperature of clutch bell itself goes down, which eliminates the thermal distortion of the clutch bell. Moreover, this design makes the clutch bell lighter weight and higher stiffness to reduce distortion.

Spline Housing –  (Hub Shaft)

  Spline Housing is used to transfer power. When the clutch rotates, this part plays an important role to transfer the kinetic energy to the final drive shaft. A good Spline Housing requires great quality in centerline alignment, direction leading orientation, and high load capacity, and is a crucial part for high revolution application.

Balance Drill

  Balance Drills work to eliminate the vibration during rotation, and therefore improve the rotating operation stability. In other words, this will ensure less wear, better mileage, and safety.

Manufacturing process

Press Forming –

  A kind of pressing machining method, which uses specific pressing equipment to apply force on the material and then cut, bend, and form the material to the shape/size according to the mold. Press Forming can be applied in many industries, especially popular in the metal parts or hardware mass production. Since there are multiple complicated processes in Press Forming, mold is a very important key to maintain the consistent shape/size of the final product.

press forming-icon

Welding –

  A fabrication process that uses heat to melt the surface of multiple objects to the fusion state, and once the temperature gets lower, those objects stick together firmly without extra pressure. This is the method we combine Silencer Ring, Spline Housing, and Main Body.

Precise Finishing –

  After the processes above, we will then use CNC machine to carefully finish the size of the clutch bell, altering the outer and inner surface. Therefore, you may happen to see some fine mark on the inside of the clutch bell. Rest assured, this fine mark will not make any harm on the clutch shoe and will be worn out soon after it works with the clutch.


Dynamic Balancing –

  Here we come to the last manufacturing stage, Dynamic Balancing, and we reach the expected dynamic balance by slightly adjusting its weight. Simply speaking, by putting the clutch bell on the dynamic balancing machine and see its balance situation when rotating, we can then figure out where to drill to lighten the weight.

When it is dynamic unbalanced, the axial runout can be serious when the rotation speed goes up, which can lead to various problem, including

  • Shorten the lifetime of the clutch bell.
  • More energy loss in transmission.
  • Decrease gas mileage (bad fuel economy).
  • Produce abnormal noise.
  • Generate resonance, negatively affecting the lifetime of other parts.
  • Endanger the rider’s safety in some case.


  The following chart shows some dimension of current Dr.Pulley Clutch Bells. You may refer to those data to narrow down the choices to the products that you are going to use. If you shall need any extra information for a certain model of clutch bell, please feel free to contact us.

  You may also find some applicable vehicle models for that clutch bell by clicking the links in the chart, or by searching that it on the SHOP page. Either of the above will lead you to the main page of that products, where you will find the Applicable Models.


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