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Round Roller Weight

Basic Introduction

What is Roller Weight?

  The content of the article contains the working principle and some related terminologies. Most importantly, it answers the most commonly asked question: how to choose the weight? Be sure to read this one if you are new to scooter tuning.


Round Roller Weight

Not all roller weights are created equal.

  When you pick up most roller weights in the parts shop, you’ll notice two parts: the plastic outer and metal insert parts. However, even if all of them look similar at a glance, other companies’ products would never match up to ours.

  The reason is simple. We use much better material in our products.

  Just touch our roller weight, and you’ll find that our outer part is not merely cheap plastic. In fact, it’s a self-lubricating composite which provides the roller weight a very low friction coefficient and higher-level wear resistance.

  And these are the most important features when you choose good roller weights. Thus, our roller weight moves faster and last much longer than other rollers on the market.

Save yourself the trouble of exchanging roller weights all the time.
Pick something better for yourself.  Now.



  Dr.Pulley RR , Round Roller Weight, is made of proprietary self-lubricated composite (formulated by Union Material Co., Ltd.) It’s the bearing grade material in the industry, with the benifits of :

  • Low Friction Coeffcient
  • High Wear Resistance
  • High Service Temperature
  • Do not attack Non-ferrous Metal (ex.Aluminum)

Field Test

Test #1 Wear loss

  To compare the wear loss of three different brands of rollers, including Dr.Pulley, M-brand and V-brand.


  • Normal load: 40 kilogram on the roller weight.
  • Test environmental temperature: 90 ℃.
  • Counterpart : Curved ramp of variatorof 250 c.c. scooter, ADC 12.
  • The specification of Weight Rollers in the wear test : Φ20 x H17.


  We proceed reciprocation movement of the roller weights on the curved ramp, and record the changes on their weights and dimensions after whole test cycle.
Total Cycles of test duration: 300,000 cycles. (1 cycle = 1 up-and-down movement)

What do it record?

  1. Weight loss of Roller Weight (g).
  2. Weight loss of counterpart (variator) (g).
  3. Radial wear of Roller Weight (mm).
  4. Surface Roughness of counter part.


  The test result shows that, Dr.Pulley roller weight has the minimum wear loss among all three brands, in terms of the wear loss of both the roller weight itself and the aluminum counterpart. This means, Dr.Pulley roller weight performs the best durability, and gives the aluminum variator the best protection.

Method #1

  The Stopping side of the Roller Weight is placed in an anti-clockwise direction into the curved ramp of the variator.

The Color of Round Roller Weight

  Currently there are two colors for you to choose: one is original color (named “Classic” ) and the other is black color (named “Rhino”).

What does the product number mean?

  We always use numbers to represent the size of a roller weight. For example, for traditional round roller weight, you may see 1512, 1613, 2012, etc. The first two digits represent the diameter of the circle side, and the later represent the height of the roller weight.

  So, for example, in RR1512, 15 means its 15mm diameter, and 12 means its 12mm height. As for Sliding Roller Weight, say, SR1512, it shows it’s an equivalent Sliding roller weight to replace round roller weight RR1512.

There are a total of 7 characters in the product number.

  • The 1 st to 2nd digit : an abbreviation of Round Roller Weight.
  • The 3rd to 4th digit : the outside diameter of the Round Roller Weight.
  • The 5th to 6th digit : the height of the Round Roller Weight.
  • The 7th digit: the number of pieces in a set of Roller Weight.

The following diagram shows how to read the product number.

Product Specifications

  The following shows all current product specifications of Sliding Roller Weight listed on the E-shop. There are 31 kinds of size specifications for you to choose for your scooter, ATV, or UTV. More products will be updated here.

  If, in any case, that you cannot find the size or weight for the roller weight you are looking for, they may be just on the way to the website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will figure it out for you.


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